New Student Registration for the 2023-24 school year is still underway!  Please contact our Director, Jen Royds, via email ( to schedule a visit and request and application. PM spots are available!

Welcome to Brandywine School of Early Learning

Our Mission:  Brandywine School’s commitment to early education is rooted in a simple goal – to give young children the gift of a first school experience that instills a lifelong love of learning and the confidence to reach their true potential.  The curriculum at each level is carefully planned to stimulate and support the spiritual, social/emotional, physical, cognitive and moral growth of the individual child through meaningful academic experiences.  Brandywine School’s staff strives to create a comfortable and secure environment for each and every child, regardless of religion, race, creed, ethnicity, or national origin.


Chester County’s Premier Academic Preschool For Over 30 Years
The Brandywine School Day

Free Play

Sharing and taking turns are the main objectives of providing both parallel and cooperative play opportunities in the classroom setting.

Circle Time

Circle time promotes language development and verbal expression and introduces important social concepts, such as following rules and respecting others.

Story Time

Stories, songs and poems shared together as a class help develop early literacy skills such as enhancing listening and concentration and expanding vocabulary.

Fine Motor Skills

Craft projects that utilize pasting, coloring, and finger painting and manipulatives centers assist in the development of fine motor skills needed for writing.

Gross Motor Skills

Activities that encourage movement through skipping, hopping, throwing, catching, and climbing build gross motor skills such as body awareness, balance, and coordination.

Structured Breaks

Snack time and bathroom breaks reinforce social and physical development, etiquette, manners, and personal hygiene.